Anatomy of a Crystal Ball

by Lunagram

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released May 1, 2015



all rights reserved


Lunagram Ithaca, New York

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Track Name: Topography
and in the mourning when I wept
I could barely feel your heartbeat pounding
little did I know I was surrounded
by it all
suddenly my eyes don’t feel so closed,
I feel a gentle comforting in the silence
of the fall
Hadn’t you left me where I was
Maybe I wouldn’t have reconciled
all those broken empty hearts
painstaking waiting on the other line
It all just seems like another lifetime to me
my hearts just beating so fast right now
it can’t slow down
I’ll see you when the sun sets in the morning
hold me close before you go
she said meet me on the other side
out of this illusory world
I’m just tryna save you
Remember when I said I didn’t love you? I lied
Here I am, amidst the topographic map
of my life
laughing in the solace that i’m always able to find
maybe I’ll figure everything and you out one day
but until then i’m fine
Track Name: The Choir Balconies
You were in a dream again last night
the frost lined your shape
and gave an escape
to the first time I
said it boldly with my open eyes
I never wanna leave here
I don't wanna fall down
I can see it all right now
Is it worth it putting work in if I have to let it all drown?
If I have to let us fall out?
I could feel it in the air and the tingling in my bones
the moment was perfect
I wish time didn't have to pass
It'd let me out of my head, free at last
Savor it
Who knows these days, any thing can go any way
I'll be right here till the end wearing your favorite shirt of mine
with a paper and a pen
ready to write down everything you say I won't lose it again
my memory plays tricks my imagination pretends
I promised to make amends
but all things truly must end
I'll break the cycle and leave you hanging mid sentence in the choir balcony
just for me
I need silence and a little air to breathe
have you seen
all i've done without you in humble defeat
suddenly I'm running out of stress
I guess that's how it goes
What're you waiting for? Who're you waiting for?
They say
Dangers at your door, get in the car, pedal to the floor
Never before you've seen these sights,
adore the rainy nights and
dreams are coming at you always
you were in a dream again last night
the frost lined your shape and gave an escape to the first time I
said it boldly with my open eyes
I never wanna leave here
Track Name: No More
did i stutter, did I stare?
You know i tried so hard to not get caught in the middle
but it was so easy
to get lost in your conversation
think i misheard the translation amidst the chatter in the air
did i hear you right?
i’ll hit the pedal we’ll drive away in the sixth speed
coast to coast, whatever got the gas, you going with me?
misty eyed surprises on horizons drivin till we dying
dry your eyes it’s fine I’m finally finding signs inside
but keep your cool, baby
I don’t have time for all that
Don’t got time to call back
and make excuses for something more
If you want it then i got I’d do anything for you baby
Money ain’t a thing no more
It ain’t a thing no more, to me

Sometimes it feels like we’re only going backwards
I got my heart on a string for you bae, yeah
Who else could see amidst the bullets and flaming skies
Violet streaking in your steel blue eyes, I thought I had it
Oh, I thought I had it
Was it a trick of the light or have I always been wrong?
Track Name: Crystal Ball
If i died right there in your open arms
I think I'd be fine with it
Were you thinking the same thing or was your mind
could you see through my every though
was your crystal ball behind me?
could you feel through my every move?
I was sure you'd never find me
I'll never get you off my mind now
It happens all the time they say
If I spoke the truth I wonder if you'd be fine with it
Are you thinking the same thing or is your mind
could you feel my every heart beat through the walls
that surround me
do you breathe in my exhalations
I hear your voice around me
I'll never get you off my mind now
It happens all the time they say.

Was it just a nightmare or was I cast out there alone for an eternity
will it be over when the waves wash ashore, ashore,
rest assured
Track Name: Run for the Coastline
your breaths in the backseat
take me out of it all
i thought i had it down from square one
through the fog on the window panes
can you imagine what it really feels like now
for me and all the other ones caught in the undertow
you know i really thought you had the upper hand
you make me wanna run for the coastline
run for the coastline
here's one for the coastline

ghostly features in the fog
my fear gives way
bring extra champagne for the seance
i told you i forgave you before
Track Name: Backbone // Lilac
i said it was fine
felt deep down something's wrong
prayed long to the lord i know I'd find
if i spent a little time with my mind down
washing windows till the time's out
look a little closer, know you'll find out
baby it's a trap when it winds down to it
you know right now through it all i'm crawling up the walls
you'd think i'd have it figured out by now
i could dream up a lie
set it as my mask all the time hide the visceral inner visual message
for the time being
live a different rhyme scheme
find a way to stash the treasure i've seen
keep it as surprising
happens all the time, see
i've been losing track of all the time we've saved
had a service for my worries with a decorated grave
forgot about it on the next day
they weren't worth the trouble anyway.
do you want me to waste my whole life
waiting right here inside the confines of a walled up barren mind?
would it be wrong to take my own time when it seems there's
nothing else at all

One more thing, before you go
If I lay here til the sun drops
bury me where it falls
Track Name: Divination // Awake
The trees in the Garden of Eden
weren’t as rich in color
as the gentle draping sycamore trees in the foreground
In a rush of emotion due to convection
as rain fell in your direction
My whispers i guess were lost in the wind
Bearing a thin glimmer of memory
from maybe a past life, my last life
I swear I’ve been here before

was it a dream?
maybe something I drew
the messages i saw in the crystal ball all cametrue
sensation I withdrew from the setting surrounding you
surely must’ve been act of God,
the thought is worth it

Forever I’ll stay in the grove
beneath alluring tall trees and
my sycamore hopes

Will you still be here when the morning comes?

It’ll all make sense when the morning comes around
Amidst the dew matted grass where wildflowers grow, oh
Track Name: Morning Time
if i waited til the morning time
would you be there?
would you be there?
warn me next time
before you go and scare
I could lose the road from there
I don’t wanna get off track
i could care less where i go from here
far from home out here
it’s how it goes out here
meet me when it’s all over
hopefully not soon
I only wanna go there
when i have to
I could throw it all away for now
another day from now
hopefully not soon