by Lunagram

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I recorded this album over the course of a very self-reflective time. I treated each track like a painting and took ages to fine tune the sound. My hope for the album is to produce a mood of nostalgia, and take the traditional patterns of pop off of a cliff into the abyss.
I spend quite a bit of my time alone in the woods, often in silence. My music is created amidst this silence, as paradoxical as that may seem.


released March 19, 2017

Smacked Records

Mastered by Elliot Mangini (Thaelo)

Trombone, Standup Bass, Additional Percussion, Added dreaminess by Elliot Mangini (Thaelo)

Thaelo's Music:



all rights reserved


Lunagram Ithaca, New York

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Track Name: Amphitheater
osiris you’re stranded in the waterways now
caught a breath just to feel all it out
when the tides don’t come
got a feeling it was soothing to you
had me thinking it would all work out
got me thinking it would all work out
when the tides don’t come

said you wasted couple miles, that’s fine
didn’t even lose the time in reflection
didn’t pass up on the rise
well that’s mine,
gotta take a couple turns, if you feel me
oughta drop your dress in the waterfall now
im silent i promise
gotta take a walk through the pastures
sit it out in the pine trees

Said you rather let it go down in two ways
Rather be a little down than be two faced
Settled in your new ways
Outcropped in a little condo in the south
thought it would be better,
guess you’re down with new wave
with the new wave, down with the new wave
thought it would be better,
guess i’m down with a new wave
Track Name: Pastlife
didn’t pop off as quick as I wanted to, baby
Guess i thought it would end that way
i was supposed to be a saint
i was supposed to be the fucking president
but shit changed
the world is a high school
i could spent the whole night talking to you
i got nothing going on in the morning
stolen time
i could waste my whole life talking bout you
i got nothing going off on my radar
the perks of an extra

thought i met you in a dream or a past life
was it somewhere in between
i was looking for you
thought i met you in a dream or a past life
dream or a past life, it was something else

motor oil watered on the backing of your jacket
i got reasons of my own i own the reasons and i back em
got a flat and fixed it for you
i got motives to explore you so i hold my own and only won’t invoke
a lonely hope i told you
baby i was close i had it hang in on my sonar
i was bending over backwards just to try to fix it for you
i could pay a bundle for bag of hash and burn it down
but what i tried my best to hide would only try to stick around baby

Track Name: Racetracks
lie down in the sun
by the ocean
while you're gathering speed
better watch it
i spent my weekends like a vice
rather dive inside to have a couple days with ice
a night in calabasas if its what i most entice
doesn't matter either way you slice
it's righteous
for the fourth time
i'm getting ready on the racetracks
for the fourth time
gathering speed
for the fourth time
i said i told you for the fourth time
for the fourth time

said you look quite fine on most side
both sides both
Track Name: Rosewater
with a body full of rest lie down
just a dash of vyvanse
rode around, smoked in silence
how do i leave ottawa
how do i leave ottawa
Maybe spend your time on the coastline
out on the beach
i would spend most mine
out in the trees
rosewater on your eyelids
how do i leave ottawa
how do i leave ottawa
were you being honest with me
every world has its windows
you lie down in the ocean
found it easy to sanctify
all your actions on the drive back
lie down in the ocean